Technical Apparel

What is the difference?

Technical apparel wicks away moisture and keeps you cool in hot weather and dry in cold weather. 

Cotton Shirts vs. Technical Fabric T-Shirts/Long Sleeved Shirts/Tanks

Cotton shirts collect moisture and sweat resulting in a heavy/wet material.  This combination causes you to become cold in lower temperatures and quick to tire in warmer temperatures. Chaffing of your skin is an undesirable side effect of wearing cotton during fitness activity.

Mesh Shorts vs. Running Specific Shorts

Cotton underwear/boxers will become wet and heavy when combined with moisture and may lead to chaffing.  Running shorts are lined with a brief or compression short made of technical fabric designed to dry quickly and pull moisture away from your skin. Technical running underwear is also available if you are partial to an added layer of protection.

Cotton Shorts vs. Compression Tights/Shorts/Capris

Most people experience thigh chaffing when running/walking in cotton shorts. Compression shorts (which can be worn by themselves or under loosely fit shorts) provide the protection needed between thighs to avoid uncomfortable chaffing. Men and women alike experience this. Body Glide is a lubricated product that will protect any (and we mean ANY) part of the body that may experience chaffing.  

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